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Puzzle Time

Posted by on Mar 23, 2014 in Activities | 0 comments

clock-icon  20 minutes


Does your friend love puzzles? Try making this homemade shape puzzle, it just might become a real favorite!


Supplies you will need:

  • Large Piece of Paper
  • Marker
  • Small household items



  1. First, collect items from around the house. One of the best things about making a shape puzzle is that you already have all the materials, you just need to go on a bit of a treasure hunt together to gather the items you want. Small toys, office supplies, kitchen utensils and game pieces are all perfect, but anything goes, as long as it fits on your piece of paper and lays flat enough to be traced.

  2. When you’re satisfied with the goodies you’ve collected, lay them all out on your paper and trace each one with a marker. puzzle 2

  3. Once you’ve completed the tracing, place all of the “puzzle pieces” in a basket or on a tray, and let your friend have fun putting their matching skills to the test.puzzle 2Once you’re friend has mastered the puzzle you can create another one!



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