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Create a Pretend City

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Activities, Crafts | 0 comments

clock-icon 20-30 minutes


Kids love imitating the world through dramatic play. Here is a simple way to create a pretend city for your friend to use when acting out their imaginative stories.


Supplies you will need:

  • Lunch size paper bags
  • Old newspapers
  • Paint, markers, stickers (get creative!)
  • Stapler



  1. First, have your friend color the bags to look like buildings and houses.  Either markers or paint can be used.  Paint will be much brighter but it require some drying time so choose what works best for the two of you.Painting-paper-bags

  2. Decorate the bags to look like buildings. Add flowers, windows, doors, shingles, whatever! Let your friend come up with some ideas of what they want in their city. There could be a school, hospital, fire station, etc.Staple-paper-bags-to-make-pretend-city

  3. Then, stuff the paper bags with a sheet of crumpled newspaper, fold the top edge over a few times and staple it closed.

They make great little buildings on their own but they really come to life when they’re lined up together!




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